Been Here So Long

jes sachse and Fallon Simard

On view January 27 – April 8, 2018

Resistance is always in conversation with care.

is the first material collaboration between jes sachse and Fallon Simard. Separately, and here together, their work explores strategies for PTSD and continuance in the struggle of survival.

Taking up the aesthetics and materiality of industrial signage, the collaboration produced three works that refuse the assumed neutrality of legibility and universal language. Invoking large scale meme-poems in call and answer fashion, a friendship plays in the cadence of this wayfinding gesture.

jes sachse: 


jes sachse is a Toronto-based artist, writer, and curator. Often found marrying poetry with large-scale sculptural forms, their work addresses the negotiations of bodies moving in public/private space and the work of their care.